Inside Look: Panama Project Construction

We are excited to announce that the construction of our fourth eco-development location is underway! With three thriving eco-communities continuing to successfully grow in Honduras and Costa Rica, we are eager in anticipation of this new development project in Panama to share in the same success.
To date, the project roads have been completed and the development signs have been put up.

Panama finished road Panama Sign

All construction and infrastructure is done in an eco-conscious manner in order to protect the natural environment, and yield long-term benefits to our community and the surrounding area.


Panama Punta Chame Panama is Saving the World's Frogs Recap Investments 13 punta chame condo 3

Following the Playa Lagarto, Corinto Pearl, and Trujillo Beach eco-developments, anticipation of the new Punta Chame project is well worth the wait!

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  1. I would like to see the construction site progress.

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