About Us

Recap Investments specializes in the development of eco-lifestyle and investment communities within prime regions of Central America

Located in Toronto, Canada, Recap Investments is a leading management, marketing and investment firm specializing in the purchasing, selling, and developing of income generating Eco-communities in prime regions of Central America. Our main objective is to create profitable, environment-conscious, boutique developments which yield high returns and maintain all the traits of a first-class luxury resort. A strong focus on client satisfaction has shaped a company that provides everything from infrastructure and house construction to rentals, resale opportunities, and the maintenance of an on-site organic plantation and amenities for everyone to enjoy. Trusted partners include only the best legal, architectural and contracting firms available locally in each community. Our avid work in these communities proves the level at which we advocate for ongoing support through the exercising of fantastic local resources, job creation and community support.

Developmental Teams

Trujillo Beach & Corinto Pearl, Honduras.

All infrastructure and development is overseen by project manager Julio Chi Ham, and lead architect Javier Crespo, a renowned firm with a rich pedigree of properties throughout the region.  The law firm of Danzilo and Associates, led by Felipe Danzlio and have a stellar reputation throughout the country, manage the title transfer and ownership documents on behalf of investors in the communities.

Eco Venture Tours.

Eco Venture tours is the hospitality arm of Recap Investments.  Each country will feature a branch of this boutique tourism company and is responsible for the management, rentals and tourism for the communities.

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Playa Lagarto, Costa Rica.

Award winning architectural firm Carlos Arias and associates are the developmental and project management company overseeing all construction and infrastructure throughout the community.  The law firm of Facia and Canas are the most established in the country and participated in the writing of the constitution of Costa Rica in 1949.  They assist with all ownership documents and title of transfer for investors in the community.

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Recap Investments Services

  • Land acquisition
  • Master planning communities
  • Permitting, segration and subdivision
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Investment, retirement and lifestyle property development
  • Custom and turnkey house construction
  • Property management
  • Tourism and rental management