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Luxury Honduras Resorts | VIP Video Access

The following videos are of live tours filmed in the beautiful Trujillo Beach and Corinto Pearl locations of Honduras. View amazing footage of these paradise locations, the historic downtown areas of the Trujillo and La Ceiba regions, the exotic nature and wildlife, exciting activities on and off site, and a virtual tour of the eco-development…
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Tips for International Travel Prep

With the holiday season approaching, many will be traveling to take advantage of well deserved time off. To help make your travels as stress-free as can be, we have compiled some "life hacks" for pre-trip planning. Since our company is focused around gorgeous eco-developments in Central America, we here at Recap have geared this advice…
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Eco Living in Trujillo Honduras

  The Trujillo Beach development offers more than a beautiful lifestyle community, as it is proudly the only thriving 'eco' residence of the area.  Since establishing in 2008, the 600 acre rudimentary location has grown into a fully functional, green standard resort and residential community. Nearby the historic town of Trujillo, our eco-community has the lowest purchase…
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