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Meet Your Neighbour Feature 1

Hot off the press! We welcome all to get to know what makes each of our eco-communities so wonderful. Exciting articles that feature different members of our Trujillo Beach, Corinto Pearl, Playa Lagarto, and Punta Chame eco-communities will continue to be published to give a first-hand look into what it is like to live the paradise lifestyle.…
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The Hidden Gem of Central America

The greatest treasures in life are also the best kept secrets. Nevertheless, the hidden key to a perfect paradise is actually quite simple to find. Once you uncover the destination, the reward is endless as you get lost in the thrill of it all. The pearl in the center, tying together the Americas is the…
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Mysterious ‘White City’ Hidden In Honduras’ Jungle

Mysterious ‘White City’ Hidden In Honduras’ Jungle   Archaeological Excavations Have Begun   The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, announced the start of archaeological excavations in the so-called “White City” (La Ciudad Blanca), a long forgotten almost legendary city, probably hidden in the jungles of Honduras, Central America.   Discovered in 2012, the “White…
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