Destination Honduras: Inside The Trujillo Beach Eco Resort & Community

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Travel can take us on all kinds of unexpected journeys and lead to amazing life changes never dreamed possible. There are limitless options and opportunities for globe trotters consumed by the magic of wanderlust, but the best start to a new adventure is leaving preconceptions behind. Every country, city and town will have a reputation passed on from one person to another, and for some places the cons take too much attention from what a destination truly holds. It's always important to remember that one experience will not define them all. In recognition of one of the worlds greatest hidden gems, we welcome you inside a destination delight in the true oasis location of Honduras, the Trujillo Beach Eco Resort and Community.


Located in the Colon Region of Honduras, Trujillo Beach is situated in lush natural vegetation, kissing the sands of the Caribbean coast. A 600 acre, active eco-development with boundless outdoor activities and 4.3 kilometers of private beach to enjoy. Working hand in hand with Eco Venture Tours, expert guides are always ready to render visitors speechless on wildlife expeditions and destination tours.

See More Trujillo Beach Wildlife:

Monkey Sightseeing On-site

200+ Specie Bird Watching

Organic Farming


The surrounding Trujillo region, in lack of words, is under the common travelers radar, making now the perfect time to show the world why this Northern Caribbean coast location should be on every 'must see' destination list. Each tropical area is unlike the next with highlights that standout to make a visit memorable, with a trip to Trujillo the feature experience as the hotspot for natural biodiversity. With an average temperature of a beautiful 31 °C, this mountain situated city glows with panoramic views overlooking the Bay of Trujillo. Hosting an unbelievable recording of over 6000 vascular plant species, 630 of which are variations of the orchid, 250 amphibians and reptiles, 110 mammal species, and over 700 species of exotic birds for visitors to have the chance to see. Taking a dip in the crystal blue waters are must but you'll want to grab a snorkel. Under the ocean surface is a world all its own waiting to be explored, and the Star Fish Bank is praised as an activity you won't want to miss out on. Take a tour right out of the Trujillo Beach Resort with the best guides to lead the way on the ultimate underwater excursion.         


Featuring both resort and residential options within a private, gated community, the Trujillo Beach Eco-Development is an all in one oasis escape. A true beachfront location offering modern architectural design in perfect harmony with the environment, by using a specialized approach of integration over deforestation that has transformed the areas of the community for development before our eyes. With our personal mission to keep this 600 acre development a refuge for nature and lovers of the outdoors, the structural components of Trujillo Beach are a reflection of the community's effort to maintain and preserve an authentic eco-lifestyle. Owners and guests are welcome to chose the perfect residence for their stay with a range of tropically inspired accommodations, which include boutique 1-2 bedroom villas, gorgeous 1-3 bedroom beachfront condo units, and a variety of custom designed private homes. Since establishing in 2008 the Trujillo Beach community continues to flourish into a breathtaking paradise destination, ready to keep exceeding expectation.  

Experience the rustic feel of nature without sacrificing the full-service of a luxury resort. The passionate management and staff of Trujillo Beach are always available to ensure everyone has the utmost time in all regards for the duration of each and every stay. Our primary hospitality focus is to have all owners and guests excited with anticipation to enjoy the boundless amenities and activities on-site. Surely the pools and private beach will be a tropical breeze to find, but with help from staff as your paradise guides you'll have the inside scoop on when and where you'll want to be. After all you wouldn't want to plan a visit to one of the delicious on-site restaurants serving up all the freshest local delicacies at the same time Zumba is about to start!     

Now quench your thirst for travel with this blue ocean, lusciously green Honduras escape, and explore the possibilities by breaking away from tropical vacation standards. Trujillo will be the oasis to always leave you wanting more, and you may even find yourself a new community to call your home away from home.    



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