The Hidden Gem of Central America

The greatest treasures in life are also the best kept secrets. Nevertheless, the hidden key to a perfect paradise is actually quite simple to find. Once you uncover the destination, the reward is endless as you get lost in the thrill of it all. The pearl in the center, tying together the Americas is the paradise oasis of Honduras. With coasts that kiss the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, Honduras is a treasure trove of astonishing natural, cultural, and geographical wonder. In tropical rainforests of the Caribbean soil, you will find the most beautifully lush and fertile land you must see to believe. With agriculture like no other in the world, get lost in a trove of golden mangos as you make way through the jungle to crystalline white capped rivers. Whether there is a desire for relaxation and tranquility, action and adventure, or the perfect balance of both, Honduras will have just what you are looking for. The secrets of this gem of a location have been hidden for far too long, and it is time to share the true beauty, adventure, and excitement that Honduras holds.

Looking for Peace and Tranquility?

Gaze into the crystal blue ocean while sunbathing on the warm sandy beach, and let everything else fade from mind. Honduras has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, where you can choose from the striking black sand beaches of the Pacific or the dazzling white sand beaches of the Caribbean. Enjoy watching the endless waves roll on shore, or wade into the perfectly blue exfoliating salt water. Then take relaxation to a new level at one of nature’s own hidden treasures, and immerse in the steaming hot water of the Honduran thermal springs.

Our Recommendations:

Trujillo Beach – this gorgeous private beach is the perfect choice when seeking a day of peace and tranquility by the ocean. A hidden gem, this spot is anonymous to the heavy traffic of beach goers. Experience the true beauty of a Honduran beach with the luxury of solitude to relax.   

Pico Bonito National Park – find relaxation at the highest point in Honduras. This National Park holds more than a beautiful mountain full of natural and geographic wonders to venture through. Secreted to this amazing location are the natural, steaming thermal springs. Public hot spring locations are wonderful throughout the country, but at Pico Bonito you will have a truly organic experience of a Honduran hot spring. If you find yourself too relaxed, make a stop by one of parks coffee farms and energize with a fresh taste of this local specialty. After all, who wouldn’t love a perfect cup of coffee?   

Looking for Action and Adventure?

Honduras is the perfect place for the adventurous at heart. There are boundless activities and excursions that will no doubt keep the adrenaline pumping. The only decision is if you want to get wet or stay dry, because there are plenty of options for both! Have your pick of a day hiking the limitless mountain trails, surfing the unbelievable ocean waves, or zip lining through breath-taking forests. If those don’t peak your interest, go deep below the ocean surface to see one the world’s largest coral reefs. Oh, and don’t forget to get into the cage, because you will be diving with sharks.

Our Recommendations:

Zip Lining – spend a day getting in touch with your inner explorer. Let Eco Venture Tours guide you through the lush Honduran forests, while sharing about all the fascinating biodiversity right before your eyes. Make friends with a monkey, jump into waterfalls, and cap it all off by soaring through the tree tops with a macaws point of view as you zip line down the breath-taking mountain.  

Shark Dive – a real rush of adventure, take a dive over 60 feet into vast ocean and come face-to-face with one of natures most feared predators. There are several tours to accommodate brave adventurers looking to have a Honduran experience they most certainly will not forget.  

Looking for the Perfect Mix of Action and Tranquility?

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Look no further! There is no need to be a dare devil for these Honduras activities, but you may want to leave the book at home. Enjoy the best of both worlds by spending a day at the beach where you can relax on the shore, or grab a snorkel to explore the hidden world below the surface. The real treasure of this excursion is that the beautiful marine diversity of Honduras is just strokes away from shore. Take a trip away from the sea and explore the mountains of endless trails Honduras has to offer. Experience the biodiversity of the country by venturing through the forest, and keep a look out for the unique wildlife, like macaws and monkeys, that will be all around you. Add some thrill to the action, and have a first-hand encounter with one of the world’s most tranquil mammals. Spend a spectacular day swimming with the dolphins at the regions marine center, or out in the open ocean during a guided tour.

Our Recommendations:

White Water Rafting – take in a view of the crystalline river and lush tropical rain forest surroundings as you paddle through the white caps on this famous Honduras activity. Feel the excitement build and adrenaline pump as the water rushes beneath you. This amazing experience will be a long lasting story to tell for anyone asking about the exhilarating Honduras must do activities.

Swim With Dolphins – go for a dip with one of the smartest and friendliest mammals on earth. There are many options available to take this memorable plunge into aquatic fun. This is a perfect activity for people of all ages, and is sure to leave anyone who jumps into this one-of-a-kind experience with a lasting smile.

It is no longer a secret why Honduras is the hidden gem of Central America. There is something for everyone in this treasure trove to explore, and will no doubt leave all who visit with a distinctive impression of this captivating country. Now have an adventure of your own in this tropical paradise, and see how Honduras can make your dreams a picture-perfect reality.

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