Prime Time Panama

While exploring to learn the ins and outs of this tropical paradise a quote within an article on Touropia hit the target to sum my findings, "while visitors to Panama may come for the Panama Canal, they stay for everything else.". This prodigious emerging market is a real-estate haven with the abundance of social, cultural, and economic glamour it beholds. With immaculate tropical views from coast to coast, Panama offers an exciting world of beauty and opportunity. If you are looking for the next destination for travel, vacation or relocation, here is why we think Panama is the perfect choice.

Enticing Lifestyle

This prime property location is a real-estate hot spot becoming well known on a global scale. With cost of living at a fraction in comparison to North America and the alluring tax incentives, luxury is standard and saving on cost of living is the only lifestyle compromise for foreign property owners. Panama is advanced with attainable resources, and adheres to the necessities and expectation of modern living in society today.


The real-estate market is a gem of attractive opportunity for investors and private owners alike. The city and surrounding area is booming with tourism, attractions, commerce, exotic vegetation and wildlife, and accessibility for all to major services such as public schools and hospitals. With the famous Panama Canal generating over a billion dollars annually, the region is in forward motion to continue expanding and bringing about promising opportunities to its external investors.

A successful abroad investment prevails in a location that will always allure, and the excitement and unique culture of Panama is sure to offer something that will appeal to any interest. Learn about some of the action that awaits in this refreshing article from Lonely Planet on the Top 10 Panama Highlights.

Premier Shopping

Panama is known globally for its remarkable canal and free trade, but is also earning recognition as the unrivaled top spot for shopping in Central America.  Whether you are a fashionista or casual shopper, the malls of Panama City are praised for luxury shopping at an unbeatable value.


To keep up with crowds as the place to shop, the areas malls are known to be in constant competition to lour shoppers with exciting gimmicks. On any given day a shopping experience in Panama will offer more than consumer scores with cultural themed performances throughout the assorted mall aisles.  A few of the well known malls of the area are the Metro Mall Panamá, Multi-plaza Pacific Mall, and Latin America's largest mall the Albrook.

Natures Finest

When we think paradise the first thoughts likely to come to mind are tropical scenes, warm climate and exotic wildlife. Now Panama will soon be the first country to come to your mind with its breath-taking panoramic views and rare natural beauty to explore. Unlike anywhere else in Central America,  due to its geographical location,  many South American and North American wildlife species call Panama home. There's no need to be an experienced jungle explorer to set out and see the excitement, Trip Advisor has the top tours from monkey island to moonlight safari boat rides here.

The beaches of Panama are renowned as some of the most beautiful in the world. Leave your wallet behind and enjoy a tranquil, cost-free day on one of the areas many sun-kissed sandy shores. Ocean lovers are in for a special treat with what Panama has to reveal off shore, beneath the turquoise blue surface. According to IPS News, there is 290 square kilometres of coral reefs that harbour around 70 aquatic species in Panama's Atlantic coast, and home to around 25 species within the coral reefs off the Pacific coast. Make sure to only bring a snorkel and flippers, because these miraculous corals reefs are in great need of protection. On top of natures sights to see there are also boundless excursions and activities that will make any experience unforgettable.

Endless Opportunity

Panama, the investment capital of Central America, is likely to make a charming fit for any lifestyle. The country that is a found paradise is ready to be the perfect vacation, relocation, retirement, or investment plan for your future.



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  1. Interested in a winter retirement place..villa cond etc..In a safe area by the beaches..A pool an rec. center..low monthly maintenance or H.O.A. fees...Like to have 2 to 3 bedroom.. Can u send me places and prices that are available at this time..planning to visit in near future... thank you claudia tomczak

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