Semana Santa 2016 in Corinto Pearl

This past Easter weekend the Corinto Pearl community was filled in celebration for Semana Santa.Taking place during the last week of Lent, culturally known in Spain as Holy Week, friends and families came together for this festive religious holiday. Every day was a party at this eco-location, whether it was a gathering by the pool or setting out on a group bird watching exploration. Residents and visitors came together to partake in the Semana Santa traditions and nonstop fun, with endless activities to choose from. We are glad that everyone had such a wonderful time, and we are already excited to make next years celebration even better!

Corinto Pearl Semana Santa Celebration

Corinto Holy Week 2016 Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016 7

 Corinto Holy Week 2016 4       Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016 4

Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016 1 Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016 8

Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016 12 Corinto Pearl Holy Week 2016



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