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Whether you are looking ahead or retirement ready it is always a good idea to have a plan in place. With the retirement age increasing year after year, wondering what to do after leaving the workforce should be an easy and stress-free transition. According to Statistics Canada and Discovery Finance, the average age of Retirement in Canada is 62 years old  with an average annual income of $42,000.00, which doesn't leave much room for a luxurious lifestyle with the economy today. With the low Canadian dollar it's almost impossible to predict how much can be put and kept away for a retirement nest egg, and Statics Canada reported that approximately 47% of people aged 55-64 don't know how much to save for life after retiring. It's time to take the 'if' out of 'retired life' and turn your golden years into a permanent tropical vacation. International Living reports the top 5 places to retire in 2017, in descending order, are Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and Mexico. These locations are more than a tropical lifestyle option by offering a cost of living at a fraction to that of North America. If your interest has peaked from the desirably low cost of a tropical retirement, here's a closer look into what Costa Rica and Panama have waiting for you.

Why Costa Rica?

Imagine retiring to sun kissed window views of luscious greenery and crystal blue ocean tides from your very own luxurious, tropical home for as little as $1,400 a month. Now picture that home in a private eco-community filled with amenities, natural trials to explore and activities to enjoy. The vision you have created is not a dream but how your life can be in the Playa Lagarto Eco Development and Resort of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This active eco-community is a nature lovers retirement dream, with no shortage of exciting features and things to do such as an on-site organic farm and multiple pools to take dip when you need to take a break from the tropical ocean waves. Not ready to retire just quite yet? No problem! Plan your perfect Costa Rica retirement by adding a tangible investment to your portfolio, and own your own appreciating piece of paradise for as low as $25,000.00.

What Does Costa Rica Have to Offer?

The rich culture and geographic beauty of Costa Rica renders boundless excursions, regional events and leisurely activities to enjoy. Famously known to be one of the world’s five Blue Zones, as result of the remarkable longevity of the country’s native residents, visitors can experience this local phenomenon firsthand in a variety of unique and exciting ways. Explore the tropical surroundings to see some of the worlds rarest exotic birds. Walk the trails of the Playa Lagarto community or catch one of the areas many local tours available. Find relaxation on one of the gorgeous local beaches, unearth tranquility with a mineral rich volcanic mud bath and soothing dip in natural hot springs, or discover adventure by navigating the vast ocean waters on one of the popular local Sport fishing charters for your chance to catch a Marlin!

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Why Panama?

It is a well rehearsed fact that Panama is the investment capital of Central America, but what you may not know about is the country's reputation as a hot spot for international retirees. With convenience of the American Dollar as currency, the commended Retiree Visa or 'Pensionado' program, and free health care and tourist insurance for 30 days upon arrival, Panama is an expat's dream come true for making retirement relocation as easy as a tropical breeze. Not an expat? No worry! Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Panama's desirable real-estate market by starting your plan to secure a worry free retirement. When it comes time to enjoy your well deserved retiree lifestyle, picture yourself in a luxurious true beachfront condo overlooking the rolling waves of the Pacific. Now make that blissful thought your next chapter in life at the beautiful Punta Chame Eco-Development, offering units starting for as little as $149,000.00!   

What Does Panama Have to Offer?

Get acquainted with the local area with a venture down the 6-kilometer Amador Causeway to soak in the gorgeous views and peruse the local shops. See how much more there is to the infamous Panama Canal by hopping onto an Eco Canal Tour, which makes a stop to see the Capuchin monkeys on Monkey Island! Experience the beauty of preservation at Coiba National Marine Park , where 80% of the country’s diverse nature flourishes by sustaining limited contact from individuals, all are welcome to look but make sure not to touch!  Seek adventure while taking in panoramic views of the crystalline river and lush tropical rainforest as you paddle through white caps, and let the excitement build as the water rushes beneath you on unforgettable rafting excursion.

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How to Learn More

The experienced team of investment specialist at Recap Investments are waiting to help you realize your retirement potential, and how you can live the paradise lifestyle on a saving conscious budget. Let us be your guide to help find your perfect retirement home away from home by learning what inspires your vision of retiree living. As we like to say 'an educated buyer is a smart buyer' and due diligence is key before making the right decision. Please feel free to explore the links in this article to help start your journey and seize the best investment for your retirement future.

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