Visas and Costa Rica Residency

Arriving and Staying!

Entering Costa Rica is essentially hassle free, and can be done with a valid passport. Also, known as a Tourist visa, visitors have at least 90 days to spend in the country (proof of departure may also be needed 

for entry). For long-term entrance, there are 6 visa and residency options available, including: 


1. Temporary Costa Rica Residency - stay in Costa Rica for one to five years, and with option to 

own/collect income from a business  ▪ The 3 most common types:  

Retiree – guaranteed lifetime annuity income of at least $1,000 US per month 

Annuity holder - guaranteed income stream or $60,000 deposit to a Costa Rica bank 

Investor - at least $200,000 invested in Costa Rica

2. Retiree: stay in Costa Rica at least 4 months per year 

3. Investor: stay in Costa Rica at least 6 months per year 

4. Annuity Holder: stay in Costa Rica at least 4 months per year 

5. Permanent Residency: gives temporary residency for a period of three years with the option to legally work (must be renewed every year but does not expire)  

6. Citizenship: after seven years of legal residency or naturalization after two years of marriage to a Costa Rican citizen.