Visas and Panama Residency

Arriving and Staying!

To enter the beautiful country of Panama is simple and stress free, all you need is a valid passport. Visitors are given a minimum 180-day stay (proof of departure may also be needed for entry), and have the option of applying to extend an additional 30, 60 or 90 days.

After the initial 180 days, visitors may also leave the country for 3 days and re-enter with a new 180-day period. Panama offers several types of visa and Panama residency options for those looking for a more permanent stay in the country, which include:

Retiree Visa (Pensionado) - at least 18 years of age that receives a lifetime minimum of $1,000 USD per month, or income of $750 per month and a $100,000 minimum investment in Panamanian real estate.

Self-Economic Solvency Visa – 3 options:

Certificate of Deposit: invest a minimum of $300,000 USD in a Panama bank for at least 3 years

Panama Real Estate: invest at least $300,000 into titled Panama real estate

Combination: A minimum total of $300,000 invested in Panama real estate

To qualify as a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen does not require residing in Panama during the process.


Register passport with Panama immigration (pay application fee/repatriation deposit if required)

Temporary Visa and Multiple Entry-Exit Visa will be issued, followed by 2-year Temporary Visa and Permanent Residency Visa

After 5 years, option to apply for a naturalized Panama citizenship and (after approval) a Panama passport.

Permanent Residency:

File a Formal Application with a valid passport

Criminal background check

Original Panama doctor’s medical examination report

2 Certified Checks ($800 USD Immigration fee; and $250 USD National Treasury application fee)

Sworn Affidavit (reason applying for permanent residency