Ron C. - Playa Lagarto

This is a community of people that want to see a community grow together. Very optimistic about the future growth in this area. The future plans for the community are coming together one piece at a time. Very nice restaurant now open. Many Villas are managed for rentals for those wanting to utilize the program in place. Close to beaches with the great surfing areas and beautiful sunsets.  

Dale H. - Punta Chame

 Recap is an excellent company to deal with. I have had a pleasant experience all along the way. Been kept informed and can see the progress as the project progresses. They have a Facebook page to post the progress and are easy to contact and get any answers to your questions in a reasonable time. They get a 5 star rating from me. I can't wait to be in Panama to accept the keys and have my condo turned over to me. Everyone in the company I have dealt with has been very professional.  Happy to be partners with such a great outfit!  

Luc F. - Corinto Pearl

 I invested through RECAP in a Villa at the Corinto Pearl Eco-Development. The purchase process and the construction phase went smoothly.  I am very happy with the results and confident that the project will continue to progress as the whole site has a really great potential. Already, the place is a very unique haven of peace where the nature is absolutely gorgeous.  Indeed, each time I visit Corinto Pearl, I am amazed by the beauty of the site and how the staff there are gentle & dedicated to make our stay enjoyable.  

Scott P. - Punta Chame

  Bought a condo amazing service! They post updates of construction progress  building Eco Resort holiday destinations.  

Jack L. - Playa Lagarto


two bedroom and well appointed. We are very please with the construction of the unit and the villa community in full. This is definitely the place to come if you are looking for the Costa Rican lifestyle. There is lots of nature, walking trails and a fantastic Resturant. Daily specials of fresh fish and local dishes.

The community has three pools and landscaping is just starting to take shape as a new development. Recap has been amazing to work with and they listen if you have concerns. We feel very confident in recommending them and our community to anyone. It you are looking for that stress free lifestyle then I recommend you check this out.

Pura Vida 

Yossi K. - Playa Lagarto


l places. They also create excellent investment products, provide fantastic service and are knowledgeable and friendly.   

As a professional Realtor, I find it is crucial to work with the best in every industry and this is the case here. So, if you're looking for a vacation home which is also a good investment, give them a call and say I saw what Yossi wrote about you in Yelp! 

John A. - Playa Lagarto


Hi There! We say Pura Vida! Hope you're having a great day; every day in Costa Rica is beautiful, especially during the summer season.

About Recap, they have been very professional and have made their best effort to always supply me with information and also to take care of any special needs that I have had within reason. 

The transaction on my house went as smooth as silk; they do it with a very well-known lawyer here in Costa Rica (Facio and Canas). My house was personally delivered to me by Carlos Arias-architect.  They allowed me to look around for any small defects like there are with any new home construction, point them out. 

They came by and began to work through those issues on my list. My house is completely awesome; I made some personal changes to it for my own liking, however, Recap did their part and did it well.  

The community has its own water source or sources. We get crystal clear-clean water here every day at our home for free,  so you actually save about $50-$60 a month in what would be a municipal water bill m. We have electric to our homes and satellite TV is available works well and the Internet works here too, so I have both in my home.

So I hope that helps!  The construction is done well the lots are nicely done once they are completed and the community is beautiful.  There how are monkeys in the trees, parrots, other colorful birds, bunches of butterflies other colorful insects that are really awesome. The beach is only about a 1 km straight down the road! What is awesome about the beaches here and going to cost and he is all of them are clean and pristine, natural and beautiful. 

We are right in the center of all of the beaches headed north and headed south, so about 12 to 14 beaches north and 14 To the south.  All of it is prime beachfront and Gusnacaste is known for having the best surfing and the best beaches in all of Central America. 

Your investment will be well protected! Remember, Costa Rica - it's a neutral country like Switzerland they have no Armed Forces and you have neutrality so you have the United Nations protection of this beautiful country. The community members are so courteous polite and are easy to greet and are helpful. There's so much for an investment here. There are many local recreation activities fishing golf surfing sip lining horseback riding and bring a bike because we have really cool bike trails and by pathways nearby and in the community can always ride your mountain bike.  It's what drives the economy tourism and foreign investment.

I hope that answers all your questions if you have others, just send them to me in email but otherwise hope see you soon as a neighbor here and have just a spectacular day; I do every day!